Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finding Your Niche as an Online Therapist or Coach

Every therapist and coach has a story about what lead them into their profession. Sometimes we share these stories with our clients, sometimes not. But usually it is our personal journeys and experiences that drive our passion and commitment to the work we do. Being guided by our personal interests is also a way of establishing a therapeutic 'niche', an important aspect when building our Internet coaching or therapy practices.

Most therapy and coaching professionals have to exercise a range of skills to be successful in private practice. We not only have to be excellent with our counselling and advisory skills, we must also market ourselves, keep accounts, maintain diaries, refer to other health specialists and negotiate our way through technology and computers. When we find ourselves time free to advertise our services, or use social media to promote online counselling, we have to think strategically: "Who comprises my market and why might they want to see me?"

Online coaches and therapists have to be particularly clever if they want to attract clients because we are not bound by geography in the same way as conventional practitioners. This is where Therapy Market and your own story come into the picture. Given your unique experience and journey, what can you offer that makes you stand out from other online coaches and web therapists? For example, perhaps you have done a wide range of occupations and understand the employment market to the degree that you would stand out as a career coach. Or perhaps your own experience with personal trauma was the launching point for your training as a therapist and now you understand trauma recovery both personally and professionally. Or have you experience with counselling for parents and are you interested in this topic because of your own story as a parent?

By specialising in a particular therapy or coaching area, you are giving yourself the best chance at rising to the top of Google as an online counsellor or coach. But don't be limited to that. To really stand out, think about what sub-specialisation you could choose. Are you a man who has overcome body image issues and now work with them as a counsellor? Are you a coach with personal experience of migration and relocation to the Middle East that you can offer potential clients? As an online psychologist, could you offer a particular service around bullying related childhood issues?

The clearer and more precise you are about what you do, the easier you will be found on the Internet. Come and try joining the Therapy Market directory and let us help you promote your coaching, counselling and therapy services online.

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