Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Build Your Online Coaching, Counselling or Therapy Practice While You Build the Market

If you advertise as an online counsellor or coach you will recognise how free it feels when you can work from anywhere the Internet is available. Therapy Market is a web based directory designed to help you expand your practice and grow the market for Internet based psychology and coaching services at the same time.

Not so long ago it was common to hear certain therapists and counsellors speaking out against online therapy for a number of reasons, but their chief claim was that meeting over the net was not in the interests of clients. The critics are fewer these days and that's not only because the evidence has proved the effectiveness of Internet based counselling, but also because of increasing demand for web therapy and life coaching services. It's good to know that the confidence of talk therapy professionals is increasing when it comes to using technology. Why shouldn't those who are geographically isolated, or indeed simply prefer the convenience and privacy of meeting an online counsellor or coach, have the opportunity to do so? Therapy Market provides a low cost directory and additional free advertising for listed online professionals. The challenge now is how to best market yourself as an online practitioner on the Internet.

If you want to reach more clients when you advertise, the paradox is that you must market yourself to fewer. Confused? Here's the explanation... When you are working as a 'face to face' practitioner, your pool of clients is limited by geographic distance. Few who live in Leeds are going to drive to Brighton just to see a generalist counsellor. As a result, many of us who provide therapy or coaching sessions in person have tried to ensure we advertise that we work with as many issues as we can, so that we can reach all the potential clients in our area. That is often what is needed when starting to build a face to face practice.

But providing services online is different because you are making yourself available beyond your neighbourhood, your town, your region and even your country. Webcam makes it possible for a therapist in Birmingham to meet with a client in Brussels. With email, a client in London can easily access a counsellor in Liverpool. So with this huge market at your feet, how do you ensure you can be easily found? The answer to this is specialisation. As an online coach or therapist, you have to find your own niche market if you want to be on top in Google. Online advertising for therapists and counsellors has to promote the fact that they are online. And to do this, online practitioners need to specialise.

Take a look at the issues that Therapy Market covers. They range from concerns such as Body Image to Grief to Migration to Spirituality. The key to building the market for online practice lies in showing customers that there are web-based professionals catering to their needs. What will be your specialisation? For a low annual fee you can reach more clients looking for exactly what you are providing. Sign up today and ensure you are seen!

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