Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You're Free to Advertise as an Online Therapist or Coach at a Time that Suits You

Some of us are night owls, some of us are early birds. The fact that the coaching and therapy industries continue to attract a diverse range of individuals is important to our clients. They want to find a professional to whom they can relate and feel comfortable. 

This is why creating your counselling niche is so important in online therapy. But there's another reason that late evening or early morning appointments work well: people these days are time poor and want convenience. Webcam therapy other forms of Internet based psychology provide scheduling benefits that our clients are seeking.

For many time poor clients, particularly those who work in London or start they jobs early, online counselling and coaching lets them see their therapist or coach from their office or home at a time that suits them. Similarly, those who work late may not have the time during the day to travel to a counselling practice. When we are working with issues like motivation or goal setting, often we are working with busy clients. Stop wasting your time with marketing to the 'average' client. Advertise your services in a way that takes into account your specific client needs and you will reach more clients.

If you are also the kind of practitioner who likes to start early or work late into the evening, meeting your clients over webcam offers you safety and comfort as well. You can easily work from a home office as an online counsellor and not have to travel home at night. Working online as a therapist or coach has many advantages both for you and your clients.

Some Therapy Market practitioners don't just work with British clients either. Remember when it is 4pm in the UK it is 6pm in Helsinki and 7pm in Dubai. As an online therapist, you can offer services to expat British clients in the middle east, asia or africa at times that work for them. Don't underestimate your potential as an online counsellor or coach. Get to the top of Google in your specialised therapeutic area and you will be found by clients the world over!

Register at Therapy Market to be seen around the clock by potential clients everywhere. Get online and be part of the future of counselling and coaching.

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