Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Long Tail and Marketing for Online Therapy or Coaching

Ever wondered about the best way to use the Internet to promote online counselling or therapy services?

The wonderful thing about the world wide web is that it allows anyone anywhere to find obscure or specialised services. Now how your website works is quite easy to understanding if you are a face to face counsellor in Manchester offering Mindfulness sessions. Or an EFT therapist in Eastbourne. The geographic location is key. But what if you are an online coach or therapist and the whole world is your market? How do you get seen?

This is where Chris Anderson’s theory ofthe Long Tail is important. The Long Tail refers to the phenomenon that, when people are offered choice, they will go for diversity in addition to the most popular items available. It means our culture is shifting from mass markets to niches. And it is the Internet that makes it possible for people to find specialised and unique services in ways that was not possible previously.

What does this mean for counselling, therapy and coaching? It means that as an online practitioner, your capacity to connect with your best clients depends on what you offer and how. But more specifically, it means moving away from being a generalist to being a specialist AND letting people know you are available for online counselling whether that be over webcam, email, chat or the old fashioned phone.

With the Internet, you don’t need a geographic base for people to find you. And your online practice must reflect this if you want to reach clients. An added benefit of the Long Tail is that you don’t have to stop at offering counselling sessions. Imagine people all over the world are Googling their problems and difficulties. They might be interested in your real-time sessions or in email counselling but they might also want to read what you have written or do your courses. You can sell other things through your website than just your time. You can even sell advertising if you want. Just remember that the Internet loves specialists.

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